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Reflections of the Border 

In the desert land full of mountains,

Warm colors bask the heavens as the sun sets in the west.

Multiple flags wave across the sky.

Across the street another country lies.

Living on a border one feels a constant in-betweenness and middle ground.

Our ancestors call that nepantla.

At times this duality of countries, cultures, and people can connect us stronger and other times it creates an even stronger division.

We are separated but connected all at once.

We are constantly moving together. 

Languages switch throughout conversations.

English. Español. Inglés. Spanish.

Identities and cultures blend with one another.

On this land, many have migrated and others continue to migrate in search for a better life.

Families unite while others are separated. 

On our streets, on our shared river, and in our skies, white and green vehicles patrol.

This land. These people. My family and I. 

It is home.

We are from the border. 

Somos del la Frontera.

I am American.

Pero también soy Mexicano. 

I am of two but I am one.

I am a son of the border.

Soy un hijo de la frontera.

Y la frontera siempre sera parte de mi.

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